Augmented-Virtual Reality

We help organizations transforming their user engagements into virtual realities using our user experience based designing and flexible content strategy.
Our VR and AR development services transform innovative business and marketing ideas into futuristic products which easily integrates with enterprise platforms and provide interactive data for data analytics.

Techaste Benefits


Center of Excellence

Our VR and AR Center of Excellence comprises of talented developers, QA engineers, 3D Designers, UX specialists and Research Experts. Our in built frameworks encompass best in class design and development practices resulting into enterprise systems with focus in UX, performance and scalability.


Flexible Content Strategy

Our decoupled development strategy helps delivering products with flexible content integration. We ensure delivering products with flexible content management and integration practices which results into highly sustainable products and minimal maintenance cost.

Our Services

We deliver end to end virtual experience solutions along with backend development and enterprise integration.

High Quality Interactive Visual Augmentation

Enrich live environment with realistic contextual information

Projection Based AR

Smart Phone and Device based 3D projections focussed on accurate perceptual impression of user.

Recognition Based AR

Accurate object recognition and data transformation techniques to embed meta data or perform action, based on recognized object.

Superimposition AR

Augmented alternate view of real life objects with precision focussed object recognition technology.

Location Based AR

Embedded contextual information and interactions based on GPS location detection.

Outlining AR

Boundary recognition technology with augmented outlines superimposed on real perspectives.

Immersive Interactive Engaging Experience

We develop realistic environments to retain user’s engagement and focus.

Desktop VR

Desktop and Oculus Rift based virtual experiences for high quality immersions.


Virtual presence with detailed and accurate perception to enhance the feeling of “being” in the environment.

Immersive VR

Complete immersion in Tailored Virtual Environment with real interaction and engagement.

Perceptual User Interface

Human action sensor implementation in virtual space driving motion, touch, focus based actions.

Collaborative Environments using Multi Touch Devices

Multi point touch and gesture in virtual or augmented spaces.

Sensor Based Device Programming

Human touch gestures captured with high precision sensors with embedded logic.

Computer Vision Optics

Gesture recognition with camera and high definition image sensors.

Our Strength

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What Our Clients Says

We collaborated with AugmatrixLab for Digital Transformation of our business. Their quintessential expertise on user experience and digital strategies helped us in receiving return on investment in shortest time.

Jay Iyer

The team worked on reshaping our online presence with the intent of driving in more traffic and interest. Their attitude to address the challenges, of mapping our objectives to what works well in the internet space has been extraordinary. Their recommendations and actions to the key stakeholders played a major role in realizing our objectives.

R Daiva, India

AugmatrixLab has a streamlined development and consultation process , which helped our project to be prioritized with shortest time to market. I am delighted by their technical skills, attention to detail, dedication and promptness.

Chef Suresh Shetty